Welcome to Supreme Chemicals | (00237-652-274-544)

Welcome to Supreme Chemicals | (00237-652-274-544)
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Welcome to Supreme Chemicals | (00237-652-274-544)

Our company started operating in 1981 and we have been working on different grounds with different people to archive their goals.

According to the World monetary terms and conditions, No company that is allowed to make advertisements of anti-breeze stained dollar notes cleaning according to law No.71Geneva Swiss Bank.

Only authorized personnel and laboratories plus banking institutions have access to the products( chemicals ).

Our company is one of the leading companies in the field and we have skilled staffs that perfectly operate for the best results with the best materials and working solutions.

Our company has been in the field of financial service since 1981. The range of services which our company renders will satisfy needs of everyone who is eager to carry out financial money cleaning transaction in the quickest and beneficial way.

Our primary services are: selling chemical solutions and powder, cleaning security sealed notes and others.

We work with such money systems: Commissions and compensation fees.

The main principle of our company is the professional access to needs of our clients. Every client is very important for us. Professionally selected team will help you to solve any problem at breakneck speed with the maximum of efficiency. Our experience and opportunities together with serious access to the work will help your needs to be realized.

NOTE: This is not an education institution but a working company and we do not offer any business lesson by any means.

Please contact only on a serious business (no time wasting) basis otherwise you will be blacklisted and blocked immediately for trespassing the company terms and conditions of operation.

For inquiries and reference please write us


E-mail: kanjo_laboratory (AT) hotmail (DOT) com

Tel: 00237-652-274-544

Skype: info.kanjo_laboratory